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We are a cheerleading squad based in Milton Keynes aiming to promote a strong and healthy attitude into the community by participating in local events and national competitions throughout the year.

One of our main priorities is to develop each member's ability to a high standard and to have fun whilst doing so! Our cheerleaders can jump, tumble, chant, stunt, dance and get an audience going !

The Squad are extremely proud members of the International Cheerleading Coalition



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Milton Keynes Cheerleading Gym is the home to MK Elite.  The gym is fitted with a fully sprung floor, tumble track, trampet and crash mats.  It also has male and female changing facilities.

Working alongside the company ICC, we are also now proud to announce we have strong links with our sister gym in America and can offer training trips to Orlando to suit squad needs and capabilities.

The instructors at MK Cheerleading Gym are highly qualified and experienced in the field of cheerleading and dance.  American coaches are also periodically present in the gym – these dates will be coming very soon – please call or email if you require any further information or assistance.


Latest Updates

_July 2012

Latest News

July 2012:
A great weekend was had by all at the ICC Summer Jam competition in Blackpool, and MK Elite brought home some fabulous trophies:
Raindrops Mini Cheer Level 1 3rd
Blizzards Youth Cheer Level 1 3rd
Avalanche Senior All Girl Cheer Level 2 1st
Avalanche Senior All Girl Group Stunt Level 5 1st
Piper Gronneberg Youth Hip Hop Dance Solo 2nd
Nicola Greenaway Cheer Solo Age 12-13 yrs 1st
Molly Simpson Cheer Solo Age 14-15 yrs 1st Plus Grand Champion
The results reflected all the coaches and cheerleaders hard work and commitment over the past 12 months and was a fabulous way to end the cheer season!
MK Elite are now recruiting - if you would like to be a part of our cheer family, please get in touch via phone or email - we are always happy to receive new members!!
July 2012:
Well done to our Senior Coed Level 4 (C4) and Avalanche All Girl Group Stunt Level 5 teams who have just returned from Future Cheer Nationals gaining 3rd and 4th place trophies - well done guys!!
March 2012:
After a very hectic weekend at the ICC National Cheer and Dance Competition, we are proud of all our squads and their results:
Raindrops Mini Cheer Level 1 3rd
Blizzards Youth Cheer Level 1 4th
Avalanche Senior All Girl Cheer Level 2 2nd
The best squads competed in what is described as the biggest Nationals in Britain so these positions are excellent for our cheerleaders!
February 2012:
All our teams have just competed at the Future Cheer Heart of England competition with fantastic results:
Raindrops Mini Cheer Level 1 4th
Blizzards Youth Cheer Level 1 6th
Avalanche Senior All Girl Cheer Level 2 2nd
C4 Senior Co-ed Level 4 1st
Avalanche Senior All Group Stunt Girl Level 5 1st
Very hard and large divisions for a regional so well done to all!
February 2012:
Congratulations to our Avalanche Senior All Girl Cheer team for winning your division at the recent ICC Southern Regional Competition!
January 2012:
The beginning of a new cheer season is well underway, and what a great start for all our teams at their first competition, ICC Northern Regional at Norbeck Castle, Blackpool:
Raindrops Mini Cheer Level 1 2nd
Blizzards Youth Cheer  Level 1 1st
Avalanche Senior All Girl Cheer Level 2 1st
Piper Gronneberg Youth Hip Hop Dance Solo 1st
Looking forward to the rest of the season!!!